PASSE SIMPLE Strong and consistent, Tradition remains the cornerstone of the house. The pinot noir, the undisputed master of this vintage, ensures the wine its delicacy and fruit flavour. The blending of wines from three different years maintains its consistency of quality over time. Tradition is available in dry refreshing ”brut” or demi-sec ( sweeter) for the sweeter palate.
PASSE COMPOSE The blend of the pinot noir and rare white pinot ( pinot blanc vrai) plus the extra time given to its maturity gives a powerful fruit flavour while sustaining the delicacy of the Champagne and its fine bubbles. 

FUTUR ANTÉRIEUR Only grape juice from the finest grapes of exceptional years are selected to make this fine Vintage Champagne which is matured for many years in bottle.
PROVOCATION ROSEE Only in exceptional years are the grapes harvested good enough to become Rosé Champagne. The traditional family method of “macération” ensures the full “ red berry “ aroma and the distinctive colour. An exceptional moment of pleasure.
CONTRASTES This Champagne pays homage to the rare white pinot grape ( pinot blanc vrai ), an almost Forgotten grape variety. Only the best years can give the subtle balance of a floral nose followed by a taste of white fleshy fruit.
EMOTION BLANCHE A happy marriage of the rare white pinot grape ( pinot blanc vrai ) an almost forgotten vine, with its subtle ripe fruit flavour and the toasty vanilla influence from the traditional oak barrel gives this Champagne its complexity.