WELCOME TO THE COTE DES BAR On the hillsides of Celles sur Ources, not far from the family home, our vineyard extends to 5 hectares. The Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc Vrai varieties weave together over tens of plots to give us a wine that expresses the local “terroir” and the great delicacy of a traditional knowledge. We manage the growing of vines through to its harvest and oversee the process through to the appellation “Champagne” in order to ensure a privileged relationship with our customers. We have a unique history with our land and our vines. Our memories are a combination of images, fragrances, flavours and atmospheres. Years of tradition, knowledge and experience for us all to enjoy. It is a harmony between man and nature that we wish to share…
HERITAGE Tassin is a name deeply rooted in both our vineyard and our history. Champagne growing has not always enjoyed its current success. 
Climatic variations, phylloxera, poor profitability and the pressure imposed by wine dealers annihilated the work of a good deal of winegrowers. And still… A handful of obstinate men in Celles sur Ources had the will to carry on with their work. M. Tassin who was born in 1900 was one of these men. He decided to start up in the sparkling wine production. 
This is how the first winegrowers’ traditional champagnes were born. Determination and perseverance, hard work and a broader view of Champagne vindicated the past. 
Vine growers could, from now on, make a living out of their work by handling and selling their production. The next generation followed in the footsteps of those pioneers to maintain and carry this legacy which is deeply rooted in our family. Raymond and Odile contributed to that end. It was then our turn to follow their lead… Our peers have bequeathed all those brands of Champagne that you can find there in our village…
CONTINUITY The taste of liquor before the disgorging process, children’s images at the beginning of the harvest season with our parents, the smell of lively meals shared during that busy period…these are the memories that have inspired our passion for the trade… The future of the estate is already in our grand-father’s vineyard. The growers’ next generation has been standing by their customers from a very early age, their hearts and minds brimming with bubbles. The new generation has taken over looking to the future in keeping with tradition, quality and environmental protection. To have the pleasure of sharing a friendly time, watching or just listening, you are most welcome to discover our trade.
48° N - 4° E One cannot talk about Champagne in the Aube region without mentioning the surprising city of Troyes, its historic capital. It has the shape of a champagne cork and boasts 9 churches. Troyes is an arresting medieval town. Many gastronomic restaurants are thriving on the quality of regional wines and fine produce. You shouldn’t hesitate to discover them! Celles sur Ource is a village built in stone and inhabited by 500 people, but is also the first Champagne village that concentrates such a high number of winemakers. A river runs through the village which over the centuries it has shaped the happily situated hillsides on which our wine plots have been thriving. Ideally situated where four valleys meet, the chalky soils and clay-limestone soils sitting on top of a Kimmerdgian subsoil, give us an array of unique “micro-terroirs”. These are particularly suited to our oldest grape vines which send their roots down deep to gather the mineral components and nutrients that we later enjoy in our wines. Beauregard, le Val Lune, Val Champignat, la Voie du Bois … you will discover these evocative signposted names through a walk in the immediate surroundings.
PHILOSOPHY We have a dedicated team who are involved and active and share with us a strong consciousness of the family history. Together we live our work with passion. It has been our duty to question our methods of work to protect the environment and return to soil-friendly practices. These will enhance our quality of life. When everything around us is changing fast, we maintain the luxury of time and patience. We keep the necessary discipline to produce perfectly ripe and healthy grapes in order to create never-ending moments.